About The Artarium

Artarium is a dynamic brand specializing in home and office decor. Known for its unique offerings, including home decor, office decor, car dashboards, god items, and vintage products, Artarium is continually expanding its product lines to cater to diverse customer preferences.

The Challenges

Improving Customer Engagement and Retention: Artarium faced significant challenges in engaging its website visitors and retaining customers. High bounce rates and low engagement metrics indicated that visitors were leaving the site quickly without making purchases. This led to poor retention and conversion rates, impacting the overall business performance.

Due to low engagement, Artarium faced significant challenges in retaining customers, impacting their overall business performance.

1️⃣ Low Engagement and High Bounce Rates
Artarium's website had many visitors, but a significant portion of them were not interacting with the content or making purchases. High bounce rates indicated that visitors were leaving the site quickly without exploring the product offerings. This led to poor engagement metrics and low retention rates, making it difficult to convert visitors into customers.

Before using Mason, we were struggling with low engagement and high bounce rates. We needed a solution to create a more interactive shopping experience.
Anmol Tripathi, Performance Marketing Manager, Artarium

2️⃣ Customer Retention Issues

The lack of engaging content and interactive features meant that customers who did make purchases were less likely to return for future purchases. This issue was exacerbated by a competitive market where customers have many options. Retaining customers is crucial for long-term business growth, and Artarium needed a way to keep their audience engaged and returning.

The Solutions

The best thing about Mason is its ease of use and immediate impact. We have seen a significant increase in click-through rates and a reduction in bounce rates, directly boosting our conversion rates and revenue.
Anmol Tripathi, Performance Marketing Manager, Artarium

Artarium sought an effective and resource-efficient solution to enhance their customer engagement and retention. 🔥 Enter Mason's data-driven Growth Program powered by the Shopping AI 🔥

To address these challenges, Artarium turned to Mason's AI Shopping Engine. By leveraging Mason's capabilities, Artarium aimed to create tailored offers, improve conversion rates, and establish a loyal customer base.

Key Features Utilized by Artarium

1️⃣ Abandoned Cart Plugin: Mason's abandoned cart plugin enabled Artarium to directly engage users on the website, resulting in a noteworthy increase in conversion rates.
2️⃣ Product Badges and Promotions: By showcasing new arrivals, limited-time offers, and best sellers directly on product pages, Artarium enhanced the visual appeal and customer engagement.
3️⃣ Smart Price Drops: Mason's tools allowed Artarium to present timely discounts and offers, improving customer retention and engagement

AI Shopping Engine in Action - Improved Metrics

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) Increase: Significant improvement in product page interactions
  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Enhanced visuals and engaging features keep visitors on the site longer
  • Conversion Rate Boost: Higher engagement leads to better conversion rates
  • Revenue Growth: Improved metrics have contributed to a substantial increase in overall revenue

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"Mason's team is highly responsive and supportive, always ready to address our queries and help us solve problems. Their commitment and quick response time stand out." - Anmol, Artarium