Oh how the world of beauty has exploded. From stalwarts such as Estee Lauder and Mac, to celebrity brands including Selena Gomez’s recently-launched Rare Beauty and designer labels such as Tom Ford and Chanel...consumers have got a lot of names to choose from. And the bottom line is, they all make great products!

BUT, above and beyond that, the industry is seeing a shift towards more conscious consumerism. Beauty and skincare aficionados want to know what’s going in their products, and how the products they use are impacting the word. Enter: Brands such as Deciem, Sunday Riley, Chantecaille, and Milk Makeup.

How has all of this competition and sea change affected brands? For starters, business decisions now continually rely on insights from online trends. But it has also impacted the way brands interact with customers and audiences and the kind of content that is getting created..

In the large universe of products and brands available today, it’s easy for a brand voice to get lost. That means a focused effort on trying to draw your potential customers in, keep them engaged with your brand - whether social media, website or video.

And hence the importance of creating content that clicks! Luckily, we have some content creation star tips that will make this super easy for you.

10 Tips for Making Content That Clicks

1. Know your brand’s differentiator

We’ve already established that there’s no shortage of beauty brands out there. How are you going to stand out? Milk Makeup stands out for its vegan ingredients and quirky, edge look that targets teenagers. Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty, in the meanwhile, targets entire families with a special emphasis on women and babies.

When you know your differentiator, you can use it consistently to help your brand stand apart from the crowd and create a consistent brand image. Think of Milk Makeup’s minimalist yet bold MILK - emblazoned packaging & visuals, or Honest Beauty’s nude palette.

Quick tip: When you use tools like Mason, you can simply upload your brand attributes and quickly adapt each visual to showcase your differentiating brand elements.

2. Educate your audience

Tutorials are BIG in the makeup world - so while this might not be one of the most groundbreaking content creation tips, consider it one of the most important. Many makeup artists have made it to successful influencer status by showing their followers on social media how to achieve different looks, and showcasing an enviable collection of products with different purposes.

Simply decide your products-in-focus, and then create different kinds of content, from videos to blog posts, showing your audience how to use them.

3. Maximize product reviews

This is your single biggest tool for maximizing engagement and sales. People would much rather listen to other people about your product than to take your word for your claims. And so, product reviews become an essential part of getting people to explore your social media for longer and also add to cart on your product page.

With Mason, you can choose from a review designs - all you need to do is plug in your brand guideline and get that positive word out in the market!

4. Hype up new launches

New makeup is one of the most exciting things in the beauty world! If you’re launching a new product, this is a great content creation tip for you: build a hype before, during and after the launch. A few great ways to “launch” your product online is to use influencers on social media, and also to get in front of the screen yourself.

Charlotte Tilbury, for example, continually launches her products on Instagram and features her nieces as well as other makeup artists to garner more engagement and better resonate with users.

Pro tip: Use design tools like Mason to create your launch visuals and resize them for all ad platforms - carousal, stories, feed-posts and many more!

5. Showcase the people behind your brand

In the makeup world, your label’s employees are considered to be knowledgeable experts - perfect for dishing out advice and tips. Create content with them at the front and centre (videos, blog posts, static posts...it all goes) and give your brand a warmer, more approachable feel that will help audiences click with it.

Caveat: For luxury brands, we recommend focussing on the product to maintain an aspirational feel.

6. Focus on relevant facial features

A mascara brand, for example, will focus extensively on images that show women with bold eye makeup and powerful lashes to draw attention. A lipstick brand is all about the pout and the texture of the lipstick (hence all those images of crushed and smeared lip colors). Making the relevant facial feature the focus of your content is a die hard trick for beauty brands - at Mason, we make it easier to follow with access to visual elements, layouts and royalty-free images at your fingertips.

7. Celebrate the human body

As a part of the beauty & skincare industry, you have a duty toward society - to not set impossible and unachievable standards of beauty that cause insecurities in women. Fulfil this by openly showcasing and talking about imperfections - best done through upfront and honest content. Remember to stay true to your brand when doing this, not only in terms of colors & layouts (which will be automated with Mason in any case) but in terms of the tonality of the content.

8. Onboard social influencers

Influencers are a no-brainer in the beauty industry - they are a huge part of what makes the industry as big on social media as it is today. This is also a great way to instigate instagram growth.

So when you’re planning your social calendar, consider the right influencer to onboard for you - she/he must have a good relationship with followers, work with other brands in your level of expertise, and have the right followers for your brand.

9. Be upfront about ingredients

How about social media posts that not only showcase the product, but have the list of ingredients? Or an email series on the types of ingredients you work with? The ideas are endless and the need for imparting the knowledge is very real - people want to know about the ingredients going into their products.
Using a platform such as Mason allows you to make quick work of content creation - from using the right layout to applying your brand elements, it does it all from you. All you have to do is bring your subject matter expertise!

10. Give back to the community/world

The beauty industry has faced a lot of flak in the past for its impact on the environment. Today, vegan, clean and environment-friendly beauty is the norm, but even that’s not enough - a great way to connect with your audience is to go the extra mile and connect to a cause. We love how Chantecaille collaborated with a number of causes - and we especially love the visual content they create with the different wildlife animals they’re working to save. It certainly makes for an eye-catching addition to the content being published!

So are you ready to create content that will have your customers hooked? You bring the brand and leave the rest to Mason - the tool will do it all, right from providing content inspiration, to helping you create visuals with your brand guidelines, automatically resizing them for platforms and publishing them on social media. Lock, stock and barrel.

Ready to accelerate your content creation? Make quick work of it with Mason.