Tip 2: How can automation increase sales?

ModeMagic presents tips for BFCM 2021

Are you ready for BFCM 2021? 🚀

To help you maximize conversions and sales this holiday season, our community manager Rish takes a dive into BFCM trends and helps you with actionable tips.

Here's the second one: Store automation helps you update stock alerts, create FOMO and urgency across the store. Make sure your customer will not click on products that they cannot buy.💸 Watch the video to see how ⤴️

👉 Check out the first BFCM tip here if you missed it.

With automation, ModeMagic users saw a 45% increase in CTR from collection pages to product pages!

Automation is great to use for BFCM campaigns. It's a big, scary word, but all it really means is setting up an automated rule that says something like, 'when there are only 3 SKUs left, this will show a "Few Left" badge', or 'when something is out of stock, show this "Out of Stock" badge.'

This is key to not disappointing your customers because you can't be there updating your store all the time, BUT the automation will make sure your customer will not click on products that they cannot buy. Therefore, avoiding that disappointment and being directed towards products that they can purchase.

ModeMagic helps merchants & store owners to grow their online business with a no-code visual merchandising toolkit to power product highlights and offers product badges across their store funnel. We've seen now that if merchants miss adding a 'Stock out', 'Bestseller', or 'Last few left' callouts in their store, they can lose as much as 50% of orders to competitors or substitutes.

With ModeMagic, merchants can choose great designs from a library of over 2000+ product badges, labels, icons & animated stickers and they can set their store updates on autopilot. 📈

ModeMagic won the Shopify Commerce Award 2020: Best App User Interface 📲 and is rated 4.9⭐ with over 400 reviews. Check out ModeMagic here.

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