⚡ Live Inventory & Stock Updates

Keep your store in-sync with your inventory status so that customers don't end up disappointed. 🔃 From live stock updates - such as low-stock, few left, back in stock - to launching new arrivals & product drops. It's simple now.
Live Inventory & Stock Updates with Mason
Live Inventory & Stock Updates with Mason

What are Live Inventory & Stock Updates?

Live updates keeps the store in sync with real-time info from inventory, orders & catalog. Last 5 items left? Customers know instantly. Back in stock? Done!
Live Inventory & Stock Updates with Mason
Never disappoint your shoppers again

⚡Accelerate your launch loops

Go live with new products, seasonal collections, limited edition SKUs and more - super fast.

⏳ Show live stock countdown

Highlight fast-sellers with live counters. Show new visitors that your brand is trusted by others.

🔄 Sync real-time on autopilot

Your online store is 24x7, but you don’t have to be. Refresh your storefront automatically when inventory changes

🛍️ From launch ⇨ sell ⇨ stockout

Help customers with up to date information across the lifecycle of SKUs - from coming up to trending to back-in-stock

Why you should turn on live-updates ?Œ

The next time you’re at a restaurant, and half the menu is out of stock or not available anymore - you will walk out. Noone likes to be disappointed.
Keeps your store fresh
Keeps your store fresh
With live bestsellers, new arrivals +more, your returning shoppers get a fresh store every single time.
Reduces buyer drop-offs
Reduces buyer drop-offs
Shoppers expect clear, correct, transparent information from your brand. Once they trust, they will buy.
Converts clicks to sales
Converts clicks to sales
Engaging shoppers with live stock counters, ever-fresh bestsellers +more nudges them to place that order.

Always show fresh and updated products in store

Coming Soon Playbook

Use the Coming Soon playbook to create anticipation & excitement in your shoppers. This playbook also helps you showcase the same product(s) as “New” as soon as you launch them. Go from ‘can’t wait’ to ‘buy now!’ in one easy playbook.

Pre-Order Playbook

Pre-order is one of those battle tested playbooks that boutique & breakout brands alike can leverage. Especially suited for repeat and loyal shoppers, this playbook is the best way for them to feel exclusive - giving them bragging rights & first dibs.

New Arrivals or Fresh In

Everyone loves something new, something fresh, something unique. From fresh launches to monthly drops, this playbook helps your shoppers know what’s new and hot this season. For new visitors, this also indicates that you’re a serious business.

Last Few Left

The most honest way to create urgency. We mean it! By showing the number of items left in stock upfront, you’re creating urgency among serious buyers - and also tipping those fence sitters over instantly. This one always hits the spot.

Stocked Out

An average brand loses 50% of potential orders due to incorrect or late stock out updates. Don’t be average. Highlight your stocked out products, collections and product variants immediately, in real time and stop losing trust with shoppers.

Back in Stock

Once the product gets stocked again, every visitor and shopper who craved for it wants to know! GIve them an opportunity to buy what they wanted - immediately - with Automated Back in Stock Updates Playbook. And watch the orders fly in.

Coming Soon Playbook with Mason
Pre-Order Playbook with Mason
New Arrivals with Mason
Last Few Left with Mason
Stocked Out with Mason
Back in Stock with Mason

Ready to grow?

Get Mason today, it's powerful and free.

Ready to grow?

Get Mason today, it's powerful and free.

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