Here’s a quick summary of some of the awesome stuff we unpack in this talk!

  • Mason was created to simplify the powerful systems used by large corporations and make them accessible to solopreneurs, brands, and entrepreneurs to empower their sales and revenue goals using technology.
  • It is an online commerce platform that aims to eliminate the middleman and connect brands directly with consumers through discovery and engagement, helping consumers find what they love at the right price and time and assisting sellers in selling better.
  • GetMason uses AI to simplify and optimize decision-making processes to help connect shoppers with the right sellers and products at the right time while taking into account various data signals.
  • GetMason's technology has helped small e-commerce businesses increase sales and improve customer engagement through personalized and non-intrusive reminders and discounts.
  • No-code is a movement that simplifies complex technology giving subject matter experts the power to create apps and run their businesses on their own terms, making it easier and faster to test new ideas and strategies.
  • Kaus says that the future of shopping lies in personalized experiences for consumers, enabled by technology like generative AI and no code, with an emphasis on understanding the shopper on the other side.