Supercharge Your Profits With AI-powered Personalization

Run a dialogue-like journey across the shopper's lifecycle with personalization playbooks set to trigger at the right time, with the right offers that routinely upsell and convert.

Boost conversions with personalised offers
Boost conversions with personalised offers

Make your offers and recommendations relevant to every shopper

Stuck with “one size fits all” store experience? Use ModeMagic to personalize your store experience from home to checkout and convert more browsers into buyers.

Help visitors find the perfect product with a quiz or survey

By adding a simple survey or quiz to your website, you can find out exactly what your customers are looking for. Based on their preferences and characteristics, ModeMagic recommends 2-3 products that match their needs, making it easier to find and buy the right product.

Communicate time-relevant promotions to help customers decide

Connect with shoppers at key points during their buying journey. Launch targeted overlays with inventory updates, offer deeper discounts based on their time on site and items viewed, and encourage them to take action with a countdown timer on the discount.

Create hyper-personalized experiences for every shopper

Transform your one-size-fits-all store experience into a personalised one for each shopper. Deliver hyper-specific content, offers, and recommendations based on their historical shopping habits, geo-location and real-time intent to enhance store experience and boost conversions.

Trigger abandoned cart savers with expiring discounts

Encourage customers to complete purchases by creating a sense of urgency. With ModeMagic cart savers, you can add messages and incentives, such as limited-time offers or highlighting the scarcity of a product. This prompts shoppers to act quickly and complete the purchase.

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Sales & Promotions

Run exciting sales and promos 24/7 on autopilot mode and keep your inventory moving.

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Get the right mix of visual and data-driven merchandising to engage and sell more.

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