Oceedee is a high-end leather footwear brand focusing on the female demographic. With a pan-India presence, Oceedee has set a firm foothold in the luxury footwear market. Despite this success, the brand found itself grappling with challenges related to customer retention and conversion rates.

The Marketing Maze: Oceedee's Retention and Conversion Challenges

Stagnant Conversion Rates

Despite hefty investments in popular marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, Oceedee struggled with a conversion rate that barely touched 2%, like most of the e-commerce brands. This inefficiency rendered their marketing spend less effective and inhibited potential growth.

Inadequate Customer Retention

Oceedee faced the challenging task of not just attracting new customers, but also retaining them. High customer acquisition costs were not being balanced out by a strong retention strategy, leading to an overall negative impact on the brand's ROI.

By tackling these challenges head-on, Mason's innovative solutions set the stage for transformative changes in Oceedee's e-commerce strategy and performance.

Mason’s Strategic Interventions: A Recipe for Success

Unleashing the Power of Conversion Rate Optimization

Upon implementing mason’s application, Oceedee experienced a remarkable 50% boost in conversion rates. mason helped them achieve this transformation through data-driven growth experimentation and personalised incentives to convert users who browsed but did not buy.

“I recommend all ecommerce brands to use mason to improve ROI on paid ads and reduce CAC. It’s extra revenue lying on the table.”
- Shivam Verma, Senior Manager @Oceedee

Tailoring Customer Retention through AI Personalization

Mason's sophisticated algorithms personalized the user journey, creating a more tailored shopping experience. This highly personalized interface drastically improved customer retention rates and re-engaged previous visitors, inviting them back to complete their purchases. mason strategically used AI to identify customer dropoffs across the buyer funnel, and retarget segmented cohorts with personalised incentives.

“Average ecom conversion rates are at 2% and if you want to maximise sales from visitors you spend for, you need solutions like mason.”
- Shivam Verma, Senior Manager @Oceedee

The Financial Breakthrough: Skyrocketing Revenue and Lowering Acquisition Costs

Within just 25 days post-implementation, Mason’s application generated an additional 0.5 million INR in revenue for Oceedee. It also contributed to lowering the Cost of Acquisition, making each marketing dollar more effective.

Results: $7000+ Added Revenue in One Month

Mason's application has proven to be a transformative tool for Oceedee, significantly improving conversion rates by 50% and bolstering customer retention. As a testimonial to the platform's effectiveness, Oceedee strongly recommends mason for e-commerce companies aiming to amplify their ROI and customer loyalty metrics.

In a world where every click counts, mason doesn't just provide a tech solution; it offers a transformative customer experience. The compelling numbers speak for themselves, underscoring Mason's invaluable impact on Oceedee’s e-commerce performance.

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