Whether you have a well-known brand or are trying to break into the market, social media is the first place your consumers will be checking you out.

So, you've got to get your social game right!

15 Fresh faced social post ideas for your beauty & skincare brand:

No one’s going to a party these days, but makeup enthusiasts love to put their face on for that zoom call!

Filter down runway beauty looks from past fashion weeks, picking out an eyeliner idea here, a contouring look there to help them jazz up their day (without too much jazz).

2. Look of the day

The biggest part of being a beauty follower is the inspiration...why not do a look of the day, maybe every week? Stick to basics and show your followers how to achieve a natural-looking glow, or pair a red lip with eyeliner...or take it up a notch with some statement eyes.

They’ll love to try out the looks, either for the day or just to play around a bit!

3. Ingredients glossary

In the age of the informed consumer, ingredient information is very very important - but not many know exactly what those different ingredients are or why they’re really good/bad for you.

Why not run a glossary series to arm them with the knowledge to make better decisions?

4. Trend alert

Remember when Kim Kardashian introduced us to the wonder of contouring? Or when the cat eye trend exploded in the early ‘00s?

The minute a trend hits the market - usually brought about by a celebrity with a famous make-up artist - everyone wants to know how to do it best.

Be that mentor and introduce more people to the trend + show them how it’s done.

5. Get visual with your product differentiators

Are your products made with natural ingredients? Does a particular benefit of your product make it more popular? Don’t just write about it in your posts - most people don’t read details.

Instead, tell a visual story around them.

6. Use videos for product usage guides

In most industries, product usage guides are shared after a product is bought. In the beauty industry, such videos are one of the most effective ways to tempt people into buying your product - essentially because such videos cater to a before-and-after theme of sorts.

It’s like a real live demonstration of your product.
Bombay Shaving Company uses this tactic for their Face Razor for women:

7. Turn your employees into influencers

People who work at beauty brands are regarded as experts in the field….just ask the many MAC makeup artists who are now global influencers.

Pull your camera-friendly employees to the forefront to share their beauty and skincare tips for the season, by occasion or by product.

8. Sell the lifestyle

For both men and women, beauty and skincare is part of a lifestyle. With your target audience in mind, make it a point to ensure that your posts visually appeal to the lifestyle they aspire to lead.

For men, for example, this could be done by showing male models with carefully-groomed beards & hair or acne-free skin casually having a coffee in an exotic location. This will appeal to a possible aspiration to be a global traveller.

For women, it could be a natural-faced woman with barely-there makeup grabbing a coffee from a barista or sunning her face in an alfresco cafe. This will appeal to the aspiration of being able to enjoy a carefree, cake-free made up face (“Even I could look as naturally gorgeous as this”).

9. Skincare advisory

This is a great content idea for Instagram as well as Facebook. If you’re a skincare products brand, create an advisory that features regularly in your posts - consisting of you, one influencer or beauty blogger, and one external expert at the least.

Start a series of advice and tips and give it a hashtag! Between all of you, you will have the legitimacy and thought leadership needed for people to listen to you & trust you.

10. Routine rituals

Skincare routine rituals are such a big thing today. Everyone knows about them, but not everyone knows exactly what they need as a part of their ritual. What kind of moisturizer would work for them, do they really need a toner, do they need any active ingredients? And what are retinoids and serums and AHAs?

Educate your potential customers with step by step guide on what they need to include in their ritual, what suits their skin type, etc. and have them come back to your accounts for more.

This post by Deciem educates its users about Vitamin C while promoting The Ordinary’s Ascorbyl Glucoside 12% serum.

11. Giveaways

Contests are one of the best content ideas for social media and building brand awareness. The beauty consumer loves giveaways. When it comes to skincare products and make up, in the eyes of the consumer, more is more. You’re catering to an audience that is looking to try and experiment to find the makeup products that work for them.

Giveaways play right into that by providing customers with free products, while it makes for great reach and publicity for you. They get a chance to win your products when they enter the contest. You can ask your followers to tag their friends, send in a video or upload a post and tag you, or simply submit a form on your website in order to enter the giveaway.

Love the skincare giveaway ideas? Do try them out!

12. Ask Me Anythings

Hold ask-me-anything sessions on Instagram Live or Facebook Live twice a month, either with yourself or a recognized expert and on a particular theme.

If you promote these ahead of time, it’s a great way to get new traffic via promotional posts or even just word of mouth from your existing followers!

If it’s too much to organize a live session, use Instagram’s Q&A functionality in stories and make sure you repost the answers. We’d even go so far as saving the whole thing in highlights, labelled by theme - this will help continue to build your position as a go-to expert brand in skin care and beauty products.

13. Mixed bag stories

People spend a lot of time viewing stories nowadays, so this is a great way for you to connect with your audience. The secret to avoid them skipping over your story is to be unpredictable and interesting!

Use a mixed bag of motivational quotes (beauty/skincare-related only), behind-the-scenes updates (what makeup has your beauty creative director worn today? What packages are going out?) and event promotions.

14. Production promos

Production in the beauty industry is VERY interesting.

For example, people love seeing cakes of eyeshadow being made. They love seeing how their products look in production.

How about a tour, without disclosing any company secrets? And a tour by the founder/owner is even more exciting - the passion really shines through the camera as you explain the process and the outcomes.

15. Cohort-based beauty & skincare

Most beauty and skincare products brands aim to have mass appeal - there are only a few targeted only towards teenagers or only towards moms-to-be, for example.

So how about curating different kinds of content for different cohorts?

We have got a bunch of beauty blog ideas for you. Take a week to focus on moms - especially if you have any natural products you can highlight - and answer commonly-asked questions, bust myths and bring on board experts. Do the same for teenagers. You can take one week in a quarter, or some time around a relevant product launch to focus on any of your cohorts...and let your page reflect these with some on-trend visual work!

We recommend natural, glowy and bold for moms-to-be, graphic & bold for teenagers, classy & fun for working women, and a mix of casual, trendy & smart for men.


So are you all set to make a splash with your brand with these beauty blog ideas? Also, skincare social media posts may feel like they’re hard to come by, but you’ll find that the more content you create the easier it gets! The same applies to beauty blog post ideas for your webstore. We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration to get your content rolling with these fun content ideas.

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