According to Brandwatch, 90% of fashion stores in the US are on Instagram. That’s a LOT of brands, and a lot of noise being created everyday.

So how do you stand out in the crowd and get your target audience to come to you? How do you create brand awareness and create content that clicks?

Before we get down to the content creation tips, let’s rewind and go back to the basic question:

What does one really mean by ‘content that clicks’? 🤔

Think about content strategy that is not just driving traffic to your store's product pages but also makes your user smile, go “wow, I’d like that” or just makes their thumb stop when scrolling through their social media feed. It’s all about what they find interesting, funny, aspirational or relatable.

If you’re an online fashion brand for young adults, this could be a video showing users how to get Chloe Moretz’s latest look, or if you’re a maternity brand, you could create a style inspiration series using a digital lookbook. It’s the content that gets your potential customers to choose to view your post from hundreds of others on social media, hit that ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ button and continue to engage with your brand.

So, it's more than just driving traffic to your webstore.

And now, without further ado, the content creation tips…

10  Tips for Making Content That Clicks

1.  Know Your Audience

How will you create magnetic content if you don’t know what your target audience wants to see? You need to research where your target audience hangs out on social media and visual media platforms such as YouTube, so you can create fashion content in line with what they consume.

If you’re a bohemian fashion brand targeting teenagers in the US, for example, you’d probably want to create clean, pastel visuals showing carefree girls in earthy settings. If you’re a maternity clothing company, your fashion brand can better resonate with moms-to-be by showcasing a diverse collection of women of different ethnicities and body types. Know your potential customers.

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2. Pay attention to format + content

Only copy and design doesn’t cut it - you need to create content in all the right formats. If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, use posts, stories, polls, highlights, reels, IGTV and any other format you can get your hands on. Then, make sure you’re creating all the right kinds of content - how-to videos, trend reports, celebrity features, user generated content, content by fashion bloggers and the like.  Your content marketing game needs to be unique and top-notch!

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3. Stay current

Everyone is always online, which means everyone has access to global trends. You got to think like fashion designers in fashion shows. If you publish content that’s dated - either in design approach or view - you’ll be lucky to be ignored. Most likely, you’ll have some backlash on your hands.

With Mason, your journey of content creation starts right from inspiration - hundreds of layouts and visuals that are current and can be designed to be on-brand for you.

On a lighter note, another form of trend to follow are social media trends - Instagram Reels and TikTok, for example, always have challenges and trends running. For example, have you seen the “I had so many outfits planned for this year” videos? Everyone was a part of it - even pets.

4. Create an ‘experience’

This is one of the lesser-known, closely guarded content creation tips.

Digital media is all about creating an experience. If you’re a luxury brand in the fashion industry, you want to create an aspirational experience - you want users to look at your content and dream of wearing your products. If you’re a fast-fashion brand, you want to create an inspirational experience - showing users how to wear your different products to achieve different looks. When you create these product page experiences around your brand for your audience, you draw them in at a level beyond just interest in your products or services. Then, you can lead them into making a connection with your brand using experience-relevant calls to action. For luxury fashion brands, and appropriate CTA would be to “Get The Look” or “Explore The Line”. For high street fashion brand, you might go for the more utilitarian “Shop Now”. With Mason, we ensured that we can offer a comprehensive range of calls-to-action that can help you create the right on-brand experience for your audience- from your homepage to product page to checkout.

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5. Engage an influencer network

This is one of the most popular content ideas. It’s no secret that influencer marketing is one of the most effective approaches today. In fact, when Daniel Wellington launched, they used only influencer marketing. As individual people, influencers are more relatable than entire brands and truly know how to connect with their audience. The only thing you have to make sure you do is pick the right influencers or fashion bloggers, who engage well with their followers (all of whom fall in your target audiences), and portray the same sense of style and values as you.

6. Stick to your brand essence

This may be one of the basic content creation tips, but you’d be surprised at its impact. It’s important that you click with the right people, and visual appeal plays a large part in that for fashion brands. What builds brand awareness and makes your brand instantly recognizable? It could be a palette of colours, a visual style, a type of layout...make sure you stick to what makes your brand you, so you can be instantly recognizable and relatable for all the right people.

We wanted to make it easy for you - so, once you tell Mason what your brand guidelines are, it will ensure you stick to them with every piece of content you create.

7.  Feature your customers

Like attracts like. Use social media and video channels to showcase content created by your customers (choose from Mason’s many pre-populated visuals), or content you shoot of your customers - seeing these posts will help likeminded people resonate with your brand's products or services, increase brand awareness and choose it over others.

Bonus: Featuring your customers also creates social proof - it tells potential customers that your brand is popular among people whom they can relate to, and that they shouldn’t be left out of the mix, increasing your traffic and conversion rates.

8. Give back

Consider this one of the best business as well as content creation tips. Gen Z and Millennials are big on giving back - to the earth, to communities. Fashion brands such as Toms that contribute to the community really stay on top of mind for their target audience, and create a loyal follower base. Once you have a charity you’re associated with, make sure you’re constantly creating content for search engine that talks about it or showcases your efforts.

9. Stay on top of comments and conversations

When your world revolves around your customer, you need to know what that customer is saying. Make sure you’re going through - and responding to - any comments and messages you might be getting on social media or your blog, and do be very prompt with your customer service email. Beyond that, you should also be proactive in being part of conversations on social media and other 3rd party sites & forums - at the very least, use them as a listening tool to know what your audience is talking about, what they like & don’t, and what the current hottest topics are. It's one of the most crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

10. Run A/B tests to identify effective content

An A/B test is when you create two types of content to test against each other, shown to the same audience. It’s a great either-or way to analyse what gets more clicks, so you can create more of that kind of content. It’s not complicated, doesn’t require much more effort, and it’s a great way to create more effective content that will click with your customers! Use A/B testing when you’re running paid ads, or for publishing social media posts to see which works better - you can create two versions of creatives in just minutes with Mason, and run experiments to find the one with higher conversion rates!


Creating content for search engine results is not enough. There are different types of content. The base of all content creation tips is to constantly analyze what’s clicking. So don’t forget to set up your analytic tools and reports, and keep an eye on those numbers! When you’re flying blind you might feel like you’re making progress by putting content out, but it could be all the wrong kinds of content and you’d never know.

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