Who am I?

I am known as T, me, a.k.a. Tarunika, and I joined on July 5 as the in-house content specialist.

Why do You Think Mason Chose You?

In my limited awareness so far,

  • I know my way around communications across the board and am eager to learn.
  • I am reliable, and I help in whatever way I can because I want to contribute & make an impact.

What Has The Experience at Mason Been Like So Far?

If I had to put it down honestly, keep these 3 pointers in mind:

#1 Feedback is a Gift

The #1 thing I can tell you straight off the bat is this: At Mason, you will learn how to actively contribute & take ownership of what you do and what you bring to the table.

No spoon-feeding BS.

Only feedback.

And you need to be intuitive enough to pick it, imbue it in your output, and MAKE IT WORK!

Everyone at Mason is there for their experience and energy—they are brilliant people, so if you are a newbie aiming to learn by turning into a pesky fly around the guys you are working with? Please don't.

#2 Mason is Truly Remote-First

Life at Mason has been honed and molded in a way that inspires independent thinking and encourages you to take charge from the word go!

Everything, from the people here, and the framework, has been carefully shaped to suit remote work, and efficiently so, might I add!

Whatever your comfort level, so long as you:

  • Deliver on time, and well
  • Tangibly contribute with your output + skills, and find the places in the company where your work finds expression
  • Seek feedback and improve consistently (Actively ask for it, and modify appropriately)
  • Measure your responsibilities, expand your learnings and responsibilities, & grow your awareness about the eCommerce/Shopify ecosystem

You'll be just fine!

#3 Being Able to Work Independently is a Must

Something only a few people know about me is that I have a past in litigation, and agency work, meaning I am used to employers breathing down my neck, where I can smell their chai/coffee breath… quite literally! (Hyperbole, but you get the point, right? 😅)

But Mason allows you to breathe.

In my humble opinion, people are answerable to themselves, whether it’s your personal or professional life.

They must check what they do periodically and how much and how well they do by self-analyzing thoroughly. Mason gives you the room to learn, contribute, and do your thing without hammering down on you at every working second.

Both people leading the company are thoroughly busy; all team members, remote or in-house, are active with their daily tasks, so take accountability and deliver as expected, and watch your life at Mason become better with time.

...Which can be nerve-racking at first if you come from a culture that I have been a part of 😅

Why Did You Apply to Mason?

If someone asks me (in this case, you the reader) why I chose to interview with Mason, it was because I was seeking opportunities in the B2B/SaaS space and looking to take a detour from my B2C background.

I wanted to learn and step into a world that required a medley of customer psychology (something I am good with!) and back my output with data-driven findings to create content & communications rooted in facts but possessing mass appeal.

...That's how & why Mason happened for me...and boy, was I immensely lucky! 🍀

In Conclusion: With Freedom Comes Great Responsibility...

With the freedom granted comes the responsibility to give back more.

Make sure you are measurably doing that, and slowly but surely, you will get to be a part of an exciting world that allows you to learn, grow and soar high in an industry that’s not slowing down at all in the following years to come by.

That’s my honest take, and I hope it helps anybody trying to know what’s it like to work here.🖖