Launched in 2018, Beanly Coffee started as a B2B-centric entity before pivoting towards a direct-to-consumer model in March 2023. With a manufacturing unit that serves industry stalwarts such as Blue Tokai, Third Wave, PVR, and Muscle Blaze, Beanly Coffee isn’t your average coffee brand. Their game-changing strategy involved offering a 249-bundled package of instant coffee with a frother—arguably a first in the industry. Despite these strong fundamentals, the move to an online sales model was fraught with challenges that necessitated a specialized intervention.

Unveiling the Bottlenecks: Beanly's Online Performance Metrics

Missed Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

Despite a robust product portfolio, Beanly's online platform was not configured to tap into upsell or cross-sell opportunities. This resulted in under-optimized sales transactions, diluting the overall Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Cart Abandonment: The Silent Revenue Killer

With an abandoned cart rate of 76%, Beanly was grappling with untapped revenue streams. High abandonment rates often indicate friction in the checkout process or issues related to user experience that require immediate rectification.

High Drop-offs from Browsers

Elevated drop-off rates throughout the sales funnel are symptomatic of deeper issues, ranging from unconvincing value propositions to complex navigation paths. This needed an analytical approach to diagnose and rectify.

Mason's Precision-Targeted Solutions

Deep-Dive Analysis: The All-Revealing Website Audit

Mason’s incisive website audit was the first step towards a tailored solution. Utilizing advanced analytical tools and leveraging industry benchmarks, the audit uncovered gaps and potential avenues for conversion optimization.

Revenue Optimization: A Tactical Growth Approach

By aligning Beanly’s unique selling propositions (USPs) with in-store personalised conversion journeys, mason was able to achieve a daily revenue uplift of 10%. These changes were not just cosmetic; they were based on data-driven consumer behavior analysis.

A Quantifiable Impact: Direct Contribution to Monthly Sales

Over the last 30 days, mason's initiatives contributed to added sales worth $3600, and this is only growing every month.

“We have a really lean team and our hands are full. Mason contributed 10% revenue on a monthly basis.”
- Abhijit Dash, D2C Growth @Beanly

A Dual-Focus Strategy for a Complex Market

Understanding the nuances of the Indian market, mason implemented a dual strategy using our AI personalisation engine and recommendation engine with a brand-first approach.

“Lots of drop offs were happening on our website, and upsells were not working. mason came and changed that. My abandoned cart rates dropped by 50%.”
- Abhijit Dash, D2C Growth @Beanly

Conclusion: The mason-Beanly Partnership as a Blueprint for Success

Beanly Coffee’s digital transformation, guided by mason, stands as a testament to what can be achieved through a data-driven, analytically-informed approach. By mitigating persistent challenges such as high cart abandonment rates, mason has not only added tactical value but has strategically aligned Beanly's online operations for scalable, long-term growth.

For brands experiencing similar digital performance issues, the takeaway is clear: An investment in a strategic partnership with AI-first solutions like mason can offer unparalleled returns, both in terms of revenue and operational efficiency.

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