Mason vs OptiMonk: which performs automated Conversion Optimization better?

With Mason, transform your e-commerce site with AI quizzes that personalize and enhance the shopper journey, leading to increased conversions.

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Why Choose Mason's AI Solutions over OptiMonk

Feature Comparison
Pop-Ups & Games
Welcome incentive
Spin the wheel
Zero Party data
Product finder
Limited time personalised offers
New Vs Repeat personalisation
Display personalized offers based on traffic source
Customer level personalisation of offers
Customer level personalisation of message
Realtime personalisation
Upsell / Cross-sell
Manual recommenders
Promote top sellers
Promote recently viewed
Promote Back in Stock, Coming Soon and New arrival
Promote best offers
Promote Frequently bough together

The Ultimate Conversion Optimisation for E-commerce

Discover Mason's power in elevating e-commerce through AI-driven quizzes and automated personalization that outperforms traditional methods.

No credit card required, Instant setup, 7-day free trial

Why E-Commerce Leaders Choose Mason over OptiMonk

Advanced AI Integration

Mason offers more sophisticated AI capabilities, which enable advanced features like AI-assisted product finders, automated badges for product highlighting, and personalized notifications based on customer behavior.

Comprehensive Automation

Mason provides a wider range of automated notifications, such as 'Coming Soon', 'Low Stock', and 'New Arrivals', which can keep customers engaged and informed without manual intervention.

Personalized Experiences

With Mason, e-commerce stores can deliver personalized expiring offers based on browse behavior, adding a level of urgency and encouraging purchases, which is more advanced than OptiMonk's personalization options.

Enhanced Engagement Tools

Mason offers more unique engagement tools such as personalized pop-ups and nudges that cater to the customer's current engagement with the site, potentially leading to better conversion rates.

Storefront Flexibility

Mason's manual and automated badges for storefront setup provide additional flexibility for highlighting products based on their status, which can encourage immediate customer action in a way that OptiMonk's features may not.

Comprehensive Data Insights

Mason offers more in-depth insights and data collection tools that allow businesses to understand customer behavior better and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

How Protein Chef Achieved Better Awareness, Higher Engagement, and Improved Shopping Experience

When we set out to build this tool, we were thinking more from a brand-building part than sales. And ModeMagic has been doing exactly that for us.

Sudarshan Gangrade, Founder & CEO @Bajo Foods

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Ready to grow?

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