Mason vs Rebuy: Which personalisation engine is better?

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Why Choose Mason AI Quiz and Product Bundles over Rebuy

Key features
Order history based personalisation
Post purchase nudges & offers
AI powered recommendations based on browse behaviour
Digital fingerprinting (for non logged in customers)
In Session, realtime, AI powered hyper personalisation of offers and content
Uniform experience across channels
Persoanlisation based on zero & first party data
Product finders and recommender quizzes - Asssited buying
Upsell & Cross-sell
Sales based bundling - eg Frequently brought together
Post purchase recommendations
Realtime, AI powered browse based recommendation
Offers & Inventory based recommendations
Gamified upselling and cross selling
Setup and Analytics
Easy integrtaion with the store
Integrations with CRMs, PIMs +more
Auto-branding capabilities
Multiple pre templatised designs
360 degree analytics with Smart recommendations
Data Security & Privacy
24*7 Customer support
Whiteglove onboarding

Experience Mason's personalized touch in product recommendations. Perfect for stores aiming for conversion uplifts.

Transform Your Store with Mason's AI

Mason's AI quizzes offer a personalized path from browsing to buying and their Product Bundles help you upsell and cross-sell. Discover an average 300% increase in conversion.

No credit card required, Instant setup, 7-day free trial

6 Reasons to Choose Mason over Rebuy

Tailored User Experience

Mason's quizzes offer a highly personalized shopping experience and dynamically adjusting product bundles to match customer preferences.

Advanced AI Technology

Mason leverages sophisticated AI to understand customer intent and deliver more accurate recommendations.

Increased Engagement

Interactive quizzes can significantly boost customer engagement, leading to longer session times and deeper brand connection.

Data Insights

Mason provides actionable insights based on quiz interactions, helping businesses to refine their marketing and product strategies.

Conversion Optimization

Mason's personalization leads to higher conversion rates by presenting shoppers with products that are more likely to appeal to them.

Ease of Integration

Mason is designed to be easily integrated with existing e-commerce platforms, allowing for seamless implementation and minimal disruption.

How Protein Chef Achieved Better Awareness, Higher Engagement, and Improved Shopping Experience

When we set out to build this tool, we were thinking more from a brand-building part than sales. And ModeMagic has been doing exactly that for us.

Sudarshan Gangrade, Founder & CEO @Bajo Foods

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Ready to grow?

Get Mason today, it's powerful and free.

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