Customers' limited attention spans make it essential for e-commerce retailers to capture their interest immediately. Your website's ability to retain this attention span directly impacts your goals. As Shopify store owners, we might have different KPIs: more sales, more email signups, repeat customers, and reducing cart abandonment. Sales and conversions metrics help us assess how our website is performing.

This curated list of Shopify apps optimizes your online store for sales and conversions. Automate your marketing process using these best Shopify apps and optimize your Shopify conversion rate.

Let's dive in!

1. Privy - Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy is a no-code marketing toolkit for small and growing e-commerce businesses which helps to convert customers into repeat customers.

It has three tools:

  • Privy Convert: This tool will help you create attractive pop-ups, flyouts and offers. With this, you'll be able to convert first-time visitors into email subscribers and buyers.
  • Privy Email: Send automated post-purchase follow-ups, reminders about cart abandonment, and store promotions and convert first-time buyers to repeat customers.
  • Privy Text: Send automated text reminders about new offers, coupons, and cart recovery.


Privy is free to install and use for up to 100 mailable contacts. Privy Convert and Privy Email are available at $15/month. Privy Text is available at $10/month.

2. PushOwl - Web Push Notifications

According to PushOwl, the overlap of push notifications and email customers is just 10%. With PushOwl's web push notifications, Shopify store owners can convert anonymous shoppers into customers. It comes with the following features:

  • Native Opt-In: It helps to collect subscribers instantly.
  • Campaign Creator: It lets you create web-push notifications campaigns in minutes.
  • Abandoned Cart Reminders: Allows creating and setting high visibility web push notifications for customers with abandoned carts. Grab customer attention by reminders of flash sales, product promotions, back-in-stock alerts, festive updates, and re-engagements. Highly automated process without any need for emails and SMS reminders.
  • Performance Management: Track your marketing performance and understand your customers. Use the advanced marketing features of PushOwl to tailor your campaigns according to your needs.


PushOwl is free to install and use for its essential features. The Business package is available at $19/month, and custom pricing is available for the Enterprise package.

3. ModeMagic

ModeMagic is the Shopify 2020 Commerce Awards Winner for the Best App Experience. Think of it as your Automated Store Manager. ModeMagic is an in-store marketing & content automation tool powered by badges, product list cards, and animations. Product badges help to grab customer attention, which has proven to help increase Shopify Sales by 15%. Using ModeMagic helps you automate that entire process and increase your average order value.

Let's see how ModeMagic helps us:

  • Automatic Store Updates Across Store Funnel: Set up inventory, discount & sale automation to automatically update the badges for discounts, new arrivals, stock alerts to make the checkout process smoother for your shoppers.
  • High Quality Product Listings: Use ModeMagic's eye-catching stickers, labels, and icons, or make your own. Grab customers' attention quickly and entice them to explore your store.
  • Product Feature Cards for Optimised Details Page: Convert your text-heavy product description pages into eye-catching product highlights and how-to cards.


ModeMagic comes in four price packages: Plan starting at Free - Unlimited use of free badges, Starter pack at $9/month - Apply badges to 200 products, create 10 feature cards & custom badges, Pro pack at $59/month - Auto-update badges on up to 1000 products, access to animated badges & create unlimited featured cards, Β and Plus pack at $149/month - All features of Pro pack, custom automation playbook, apply badges on up to 2000 products and get priority customer support.

4. Yotpo - Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing tool that allows store owners to collect customer reviews, photos, ratings, and videos to turn them into customer content. Use the customer content to get repeat customers and remove abandoned carts by turning them into sales. You can do a lot with Yotpo:

  • Collect product reviews and photos: Use automatic emails, SMS reminders, and on-site review widgets to collect customer feedback.
  • Boost sales: Use reviews, referrals, loyalty programs, user-generated content, and SMS marketing to reach more customers and convert more sales.
  • Share reviews: Shae product reviews on Facebook and Instagram to generate more social proof. Leverage Google shopping search for more people to discover your brand.


Yotpo is available for a free plan, $19/month for its Growth 50 Package and $29/month for the Growth 100 package.

5. Instafeed - Instagram Feed

Instafeed helps create customized official Instagram feeds on your Shopify store, which brings more sales. Let's see what does Instafeed have to offer:

  • Seamless merging: Let your Instagram page seamlessly blend into your store by customizing your Instagram content according to you.
  • Increase your social strength: Make your Instagram content visible on your store and create social proof. Convert your Instagram followers into store visitors and drive them towards their first purchase.
  • Eye-catching content: Create minimalistic and fresh content with Instafeed to prevent customers from getting distracted by unnecessary clutter. Drive more likes and followers by getting discovered more.


Instafeed is available for free, Instafeed Pro is available at $4.99/month, and Instafeed Plus package at $19.99/month.

6. Plug-In SEO

SEO is a crucial factor to make through the search engine rankings. Plug-In SEO is an all-in-one Shopify app to optimize your website's SEO, which leads to more visibility and sales.

  • Optimize your content: Search for traffic-driving keywords and check if your content is optimized for the target keywords. Get suggestions from the app and fix your content. It detects broken links and lets you fix them immediately.
  • Bulk editing: Remove the manual labor of optimizing the store content. Use Plug-In SEO to bulk-edit meta titles and descriptors of several contents in minutes.
  • Schema markup: It supports reviews, product schema, price, and more with its up-to-date markup schema for rich snippets.


It is available for free, and Plug-In SEO Plus is available at $20/month.

7. Smile - Rewards & Loyalty

Smile helps to generate and retain customers through attractive loyalty programs. Spend less on ads and increase conversion rates with loyalty points, pop-ups, referral points, and VIP perks. Focus on making your customers happy by connecting to them with offers that they love.

  • High on trust, high on sales: Reduce card abandonment and entice customers with loyalty points. Reach out to more customers by exciting referral programs. Incentivize premium sales by offering VIP perks.
  • Customizable rewards panel: Build eye-catching reward programs which match your brand's style. Attract more store visitors to subscribe to your emails and pull them towards their first purchase.
  • Quick and easy: One-click integrations and launch quickly in minutes with the no-code, simple-to-use interface.


Smile is available for free; Starter pack is $49/month, Growth pack at $199/month, and Pro pack at $599/month.

8. Referral Candy - Rewards & Loyalty

According to Referral Candy, 83% of customers are willing to participate in referral programs, but only 29% of them step up. Referral Candy helps you increase your sales by word of mouth marketing and incentivizing customers to refer your products to their friends.

  • Referral Nudges: Use referral widgets, embedded signup forms, and post-purchase pop-ups to boost your engagement.
  • Customizable programs: Adjust your referral emails and landing pages according to your brand style: logos, fonts, colors, and banners. Use Referral Candy's dashboard to track the performance of your referrals and optimize them further with analytics. Its advanced fraud management lets you monitor suspicious activity.
  • Easy launching and automation: Launch referral programs in just 30 minutes and automate your customer rewards. Grow your brand through word-of-mouth marketing and affiliate marketing.


Referral Candy comes with a 30-day free trial. The premium package is available at $49/month + commissions and the enterprise package at $3999/month.


The first step as e-commerce store owners should be to look out for areas of improvement. Matching your current performance with your goals and setting the KPIs accordingly will help you decide which apps you need. While this list is non-exhaustive and sales-oriented, your requirements will vary according to your goals. Do check out these apps to know more about how they can help you in increasing your online store sales.