Release notes for July 2020:

1.  Faster Upload/Download

While making things you like, file & folder size should hardly be a restriction. Waiting for minutes for files to upload?

Kubric is now compatible with home internet speeds. Zip file uploads and downloads are now up to ~86% faster. In the case of multiple files, there is an added “Retry” option to handle upload/download failures.

2.  New Sign-up Flow

Getting new team members up and started with Kubric is now easier! The sign-up & onboarding is optimized and faster than ever. Spend less time learning about tools and more time creating.

3.  Campaign Updates

  • Ad creation flow is improved and faster.
  • Added support for passing/fetching storyboard data in campaign ad APIs.

4.  Introducing Moodmagic

Your friendly neighborhood meme bot

We're proud to announce that Moodmagic is now available on the Slack app directory. Add some flair to your office chats with memes by moodie! It is super easy to use, simply type in "/moodie" to start. It is also the first app built using Genie, our very own API stack.

5.  Bug Fixes

  • Minor fixes in Getty license flow. We’ve made updates to ensure everything runs smoothly.

That's all for this month, folks! Remember to take care of yourself, wherever you are. Here's a cat living its best life to brighten up your day.