Building a cult in the Digital Era
Puspen Maity, Project Head at CultSport

Becoming a loved brand doesn’t happen by accident. Countless efforts go into building one 🛠 So, how do you build a successful brand with a cult following in the digital space today?

Puspen Maity, Project Head at Cultsport- takes us through his experience of building successful brands and designing strong digital strategies that work.

In this session, here's what we covered:

👨‍💻Your tech-stack is also your brand – The tech-stack you leverage to deliver a unique brand experience can also be your differentiator. Use that to your advantage!

🎯It's not just an app, it's an ecosystem – Growth is the next logical step in your brand-building journey. Create an ecosystem of complementary products that add on to your core product.

🔁Build, ship & iterate. Feedback matters – Once you turn your ideas into products, measure how customers respond to them. Then decide whether to pivot or persevere.

💌Build your brand from the inside out – Having an agile team who resonates with your brand values helps you build powerful connections with your customers.

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