Customer Centricity in Building a DTC Brand
Utsav Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer at Noise

The DTC trend is accelerating and one that we expect to be more permanent. And if you are a DTC brand that is highly customer-centric, you know you'll thrive! 🚀

In this session, here's what we covered:

✅ DTC is not just a channel of distribution. It is more about developing a relationship between the brand and the consumer.

👉 Listening to - and acting on - your user's pain points.
👉 How do you pull your customers into a dialogue in your store?
👉 Interactivity through your store landing pages
👉 Are you able to build trust in all check-out experiences?

"It’s more than just setting up website, it's setting up a store to create a relationship." - Utsav.

The engaged audience learnt a lot about building credibility as well as building a seamless customer experience. Special shoutout to Ajinkya & Joseph for their interactions!

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