Then vs Now - UX in eCommerce

Great shopping experience design is like unwrapping a thoughtful gift on the holidays.
It's immersive, meaningful and hits the right spot ⚡

At #UnlockCommerce this week, we dived into the weeds of how to deliver a rich shopping experience across touchpoints with Arpith Scindhia, Senior User Experience Designer at Walmart Global.

In this session, here's what we covered-

👉 Understand, rather than simply assume, what the problem of your shopper is. Making and testing early stage ideas multiple times help you refine your problem statement.

👉 Be inclusive of all types of users by customising your UX rather than catering to all users with the same design experience.

👉 Build context around the design elements that define your brand identity. Without context, those brand colors or fonts have no meaning.

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