💰 Sales Automations & Live Discounts

Planning for the next big SALE? No problem. Line up your promos & offers in advance 🦾 Highlight discounts and price drops across home, collections & products. From clearance to flash to BOGO - everything now made simple.
Live Sales & Discount Automations
Live Sales & Discount Automations

What's Live Sales & Discount Automation?

Running a successful sale can be hard. 🟢 With live sales & discount playbooks, you can boost loyalty, attract new shoppers & move excess inventory at the flick of a switch!
Flash sales, clearance, discounts
Excite shoppers. Grab more orders.

💹 Show live prices & discounts

Highlight live price changes & discount updates. Keep your shoppers excited & engaged with offers that matter to them.

🧐 Sniff out not-so-popular SKUs

All products are not equal. Keep a look out for unpopular products. Discount them out on-the-go to liquidate your inventory.

⏰ Schedule promotions in advance

Sales spike your revenue & growth, but getting them live on time is a lot of blood, sweat & tears. With scheduling, not anymore.

⚡Accelerate click-to-buy cycle

Sometimes, your shoppers need a nudge. With a wide library of sale playbooks, you can now tip them over every single time.

Why use live-sales & discount playbooks?

Noone can resist a lightning deal on Amazon. Flash sales, limited time offers, exclusive promotions.. they create excitement & urgency to buy ‘right now’.
Go live instantly
Live Sale Playbooks watch to your pricing, discounts +more to instantly launch % off, flash & other sales on demand
Never miss an event
If you’re not trendjacking, other brands are. From Payday and Pie-Day to BFCM and Lunar New Year - don’t miss out
Sell more inventory
Keep a watch on trending - or not so trending - products. Discount SKUs with looming expiry. Sell better to sell more.

Live Sale & Discount Playbooks

Fixed Value or % Playbook

Tried and tested, but never fails to deliver. When you discount your products, you need to consider if you want to offer a percentage discount or fixed value. Automate these strategies to convert more visitors & reward loyal shoppers.

Flash Sale Automation

Flash sales are a quick, exciting way to generate revenue. Offer deep discounts or promotions that are only available for a brief period of time. Automate & schedule flash sales to pump up customer excitement and help them buy ‘right now’.

Clearance Sale Automation

A clearance sale - also called end of season or garage - is a time tested playbook to put old products that did not sell out on attractive discounts. Run your stock clearance on autopilot to consistently get your money back from unpopular SKUs.

🔜 Category Sale

Everyone loves to bag a good (or great) deal, more so when it’s relevant to their shopping behaviour. With Category Sale Playbook, you can now setup the right SKUs on sale for the right segment of shoppers - increasing conversions instantly.

🔜 Price Drops

The most honest way to create urgency. By clearly showing the before and after price of your products upfront, you’re creating urgency among serious buyers - and also tipping those fence sitters over. This playbook always hits the sweet spot.

🔜 Last Sale

Use the Last Sale Playbook to create a time-bound sense of urgency & FOMO among your value-conscious shoppers. When you put your products on Last Sale, visitors & returning customers alike know that they have to buy now, or regret later!

Percentage off, Sales, Save dollars

Ready to grow sales?

Get ModeMagic today, it's powerful and free.

Ready to grow sales?

Get ModeMagic today, it's powerful and free.

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