💞 Trust and Social Proof on Autopilot

Shoppers buy from brands that they can trust. Highlighting trust & showcasing social proof makes your online store ✨ check-out ready. From Automatic Bestsellers to Trust Widgets to Live Customer Favs - creating trust in your eCommerce store was never this easy!
Improve sell-through rate and create word of mouth with bestsellers, trust badges
Improve sell-through rate and create word of mouth with bestsellers, trust badges

Trust and Social Proof on Autopilot

61% of shoppers who drop off do so because they’re unable to trust the online store. ✋ Stop losing future shoppers by setting up bestsellers, safety assurances, customer fav collections, trust packs +more across your store funnel - on autopilot.
Improve sell-through rate and create word of mouth
Build trust. Create a community.

🦾 Fresh collections on autopilot

Keep your bestsellers, trending +more collections up-to-date 24x7 all year around. Fresh and relevant means better sell-through.

🤝 Safety, trust & guarantees

Clearly highlight payment providers, shipping timelines, product warantees et al in your home, product pages and 🔜 checkout.

👯 User generated - with a twist

Use data on customer favorites, top sellers, trending products across categories to create subtle - but powerful - social proof.

⚡ Sync with pricing, catalog, inventory

Share order or product messages tailored to what’s happening in your pricing, catalog or inventory. Clear message = more trust.

Why use data-synced Trust & Social Proof playbooks?

To nurture a loyal base of shoppers, you need to be as transparent as possible. Cloudy windows create mistrust - avoid misinformation, build a fan base.
Synced with data
Live playbooks watch your pricing, catalog, inventory to instantly refresh collections, trust badges, banners +more
Across your store
Trust is not built in a day - nor in one shot. Embed the right social proof & trust widgets across the shopper funnel
From a shopper’s lens
Your existing shoppers are gold. Subtly recommend customer favorites, most repeat purchases, top bundles et al.

Trust and Social Proof Playbooks

Bestseller Automation

It’s #1 way to create a great 1st impression. Each category in your store has a best seller - the favourite product in that category. An always-fresh bestseller collection is a subtle but sureshot strategy to wow new visitors & build trust in a returning shopper.

Trending ➩ Low Stock Playbook

Showcase the most up-to-date trending products & collections across categories. But that’s not all. When trending products run low on stock, potential shoppers might get disappointed - updated trending to low stock on-the-fly to keep your shoppers happy.

Trust Packs for Pay, Warranty +more

Out of the box trust packs that fit right into your product pages and 🔜 checkout. Choose the packs that work for your region & guaratees - or create your own widget from the wide library of communications. Works like a charm, works out like a charm too.

🔜 Most Loved | Customer Fav

Everyone wants to know what others are buying - don’t we all peek into the next table to see what the neighbours are devouring? Help future shoppers decide with automated collections, highlights & badges for Customer Favorites, Most Loved, Trending +more.

🔜 Trending Products

Just like bestsellers, but even better. Trending products & collections help returning customers get inspired to try something new... while also converting new visitors to shoppers. It’s a battle tested - but simple - way to keep ‘em wanting more!

Ready to grow?

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Ready to grow?

Get ModeMagic today, it's powerful and free.

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