Meet The AI Sales Engine For Ecommerce Stores

Say goodbye to static online stores and hello to the AI-powered store that accelerates the browse-to-buy journey. We call it the AI Sales Engine. You will call it magic.

ModeMagic - AI Sales Engine For Ecommerce Stores
ModeMagic - AI Sales Engine For Ecommerce Stores

How ModeMagic works

Convert more browsers into buyers by showing them the most relevant deals and offers, collections and product recommendations based on their journey with no code setup.


Create attractive sales & promos on autopilot

From flash sales to lightning deals to clearance and more — launch it all with data-connected sales playbooks. Layer it with timed nudges, disappearing offers, badges and banners, including countdowns — and make your offers impossible to miss.


Showcase tailored merchandise to every shopper

Build an efficient discovery and engagement experience for your buyers with AI-powered merchandising. Surface bestsellers automatically, launch FBT, and provide real-time product recommendations across the store funnel with no code setup.


Predict shopper’s intent algorithmically

Trigger real-time personalized experiences on the fly and grab that 3 seconds window to nail a sale. Launch deep offers, smart cart reminders, and automated product bundles, including gamified quizzes — and make every shopper feel you know them.


Plug the leaks from browse-to-buy

Leverage behavioral psychology used in promotional playbooks to boost CTRs. Publish visual blocks and banners across the site to aid shoppers' discovery and decision-making. Optimize inventory with live stock updates and consistently meet customer demand.


Gain unified view of your store performance

Know how your store, playbooks, and products are performing with lifts in order volume, AoV, and conversion rates, including impressions and clicks. Take corrective actions with ModeMagic's Insights Hub to further boost your store's macro and micro conversion goals.

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