Product Banners

Why Consider Product Banners?

  • Spotlighting Unique Features

    Create a spotlight around the unique features of your products, enhancing their appeal and desirability.

  • Boosting Conversion Rates

    With the strategic placement, they can potentially enhance conversion rates by drawing attention to special offers and product USPs.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Offering a more enriched and visually engaging user experience, guiding customers towards a more informed and rewarding purchase journey.

What's Inside Product Banners?

Crafted to accentuate offers, features, or unique selling points of your products

  • Customizable Graphics

    Enjoy the liberty to customize graphics to mirror your brand's aesthetic, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing product presentation.

  • Versatile Usage

    Utilize banners for various purposes, be it highlighting discounts, new features, or unique selling propositions, making it a versatile tool in your marketing arsenal.

  • Easy Integration

    Seamlessly integrate these banners on your product pages without the hassles of complex setups, making the process smooth and efficient.

How to set up Product Banners?

  • Login to your ModeMagic dashboard.

  • Navigate to the ‘Store Blocks' tab and select ‘Product Banners'.

  • Choose the template and products you wish to promote.

  • Set your Discounts and the duration for which the deal will run.

  • Define the customer cohort you wish to target. Choose from pre-sets or create custom segments.

  • Click ‘Activate,’ and your Product Banners will go live as per the scheduled time!

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Tips for Boosting Product Banners on Ecommerce Stores

  • Strategic Positioning

    Ensure that banners are positioned strategically to capture attention without overshadowing the essential product details.

  • Seasonal Themes

    Incorporate seasonal themes into banner designs to keep the product presentation fresh and aligned with current market trends.

  • SEO-Enhanced Content

    Incorporate SEO-enhanced content within the banners to enhance product visibility on search engines, attracting a wider audience.

Let's delve into the enriching journey that product banners can carve out for your business

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How Bathla Drove Triple Digit Conversion Lifts on Their Core Product Segment

Prior to mason, everything was ad hoc and gut-driven. We lacked the insights, the confidence, and a structured approach to run experiments faster and more successfully.

How Bathla Drove Triple Digit Conversion Lifts on Their Core Product Segment

Dev Bathla, CMO @Bathla

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Ready to grow?

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