Product Recommender Quiz

Why Consider Quizzes?

  • Interactive Product Discovery

    Engaging experiences to navigate your products, enhancing the overall website experience.

  • Unlock Customer Insights

    Dive deep into your customer's psyche, understanding their needs and desires

  • Smart Recommendations

    AI ensures that product suggestions aren't random but based on actual preferences expressed during the quiz.

What's Inside Product Recommender Quiz?

  • Dynamic Product Recommenders

    Engage users in real-time, suggesting products that resonate with their preferences

  • Interactive Leaderboards & Rewards

    Foster competition and encourage repeat visits with gamified elements.

  • Precise Zero-Party Data Capture

    Glean insights directly from the source while maintaining the utmost respect for privacy.

How to set up a Quiz?

  • Login to your ModeMagic dashboard.

  • Navigate to the ‘Promotions’ tab and select ‘Quiz.’

  • Upload the questions and the products you wish to promote.

  • Set your discounts and the duration for which the deal will run.

  • Define the customer cohort you wish to target. Choose from pre-sets or create custom segments.

  • Click ‘Activate,’ and your Quiz will go live as per the scheduled time!

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Friendly Tips to Engage Your Visitors

  • Position Prominently

    Place quizzes at strategic site locations for maximum visibility and engagement.

  • Follow Up Post-Quiz

    Utilize the insights gathered for retargeting and personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Keep the Conversation Flowing

    Regularly update quiz questions to reflect seasonal trends and new products.

  • Reward Participation

    Offer exclusive discounts or loyalty points to quiz participants, ensuring they feel valued.

Add Product Recommender Quiz

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How Upscalio made $30,000 revenue with Mason

Mason’s team has been super helpful, and they suggested specific features that created a positive impact on specific KPIs.

How Upscalio made $30,000 revenue with Mason

Rohit Khatri, Tech & Product @Upscalio

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Ready to grow?

Get Mason today, it's powerful and free.

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