Trust Packs

Why Consider Trust Packs?

  • Boost Customer Confidence

    By showcasing trust badges, you instill confidence in your customers regarding the security and reliability of your platform.

  • Enhance Credibility

    Trust badges serve as validations of your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing your store's credibility.

  • Flexible Customization

    With the ability to choose from pre-designed packs or customize your own, you can align the trust badges closely with your brand identity.

What's Inside Trust Packs?

Trust Pack is a dynamic tool that allows you to enhance your e-commerce platform's reliability and trustworthiness

  • Wide Range of Trust Badges

    Select from a diverse collection of badges that highlight various trust factors including secure payments, money-back guarantee, and more.

  • Customizable Packs

    Craft a Trust Pack that resonates with your brand ethos, by selecting up to 10 badges that genuinely represent your business values.

  • Easy Integration

    The Trust Pack integrates effortlessly into your e-commerce setup, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free implementation process.

How to set up Trust Packs?

  • Login to your ModeMagic dashboard.

  • Navigate to the 'Store Blocks' tab and select 'Trust Packs'.

  • Choose the trust badges you wish to highlight.

  • Define the customer cohort you wish to target. Choose from pre-sets or create custom segments.

  • Click ‘Activate,’ and your Trust Packs will go live as per the scheduled time!

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Tips for Boosting Trust Packs on Ecommerce Stores

  • Strategic Placement

    Place the trust badges prominently on your site, preferably near transaction points to alleviate customer anxieties effectively.

  • Consistent Branding

    Ensure that the design and color scheme of the badges are in harmony with your brand aesthetics to maintain consistency.

  • Responsive Design

    Opt for a responsive design to ensure that the badges are displayed optimally across various devices, including mobiles and tablets.

Harness the potential of the Trust Pack app to cultivate a trustworthy and secure environment

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