Who am I?

I am Janhavi, often called Juhi. I joined Mason as a Product Designer on June 1, 2022.

Why Did Mason Hire Me?

I often say I have no idea why, but to be fair to myself, I think:

  • I can digest a lot of information in a short time (secondary research). As a result, I’m a quick learner
  • I love to ask a lot of whys
  • I am all ears for feedback & constructive criticism

My Mason Experience: Learning Professionally, Growing Personally

The last 4-ish months have helped me consistently expand my understanding of eCommerce and how great products work.

The best parts (in no particular order) are:

  • Working with experts in the domain—the confidence and quick articulation I am working around is no joke.
  • The freedom to suggest ideas and be taken seriously!
  • Work environment—everyone lends a helping hand to help each other. Every day, I get sent articles or links to high-quality products and services, and the more I know, the more I am humbled. This organic exposure to the domain is priceless, and no amount of Google-ing will compare.
  • The work culture does not push your personal life into the backseat.
  • Everyone is encouraged to express problems and be clear about managing expectations.
  • Cross-pollination between departments (marketing, product, and everything in between) helps me understand what each of us is trying to do and re-align my work with the big picture.

Things to Consider if You Think Mason is a Good Fit For You

There are broadly defined roles, especially in design.

You get to work with different parts of the company, and as a result, you are deep within the product journey of the user, from beginning to end.

It also means you must (sometimes) take on work you might not like, but best believe every task here comes with an underlying problem worth solving. You will learn about deep problem-solving in minor details that go overlooked at first glance.

It goes without saying that you’re expected to deliver on time as everyday matters at Mason. Folks are pushing out new features, tweaks, and changes daily based on user feedback.

Things work pretty fast here at Mason (and honestly, it’s something I am still adapting to after being in the slower academic pace).

You’ve got to do your research and go into the depth of the problem before you begin to problem-solve.

🍰 You pick up one small piece of the problem pie and are responsible for ensuring that the tiny bit is well made & well executed.

In other exciting news, we have a new 🦄 Product Manager on board; a much-needed addition that I anticipate will streamline our workflow and keep Product and Design in a nice cozy boat together.

In Conclusion

The last four months have been the stepping stones to the next phase at Mason. As Mason takes on new challenges and pushes itself to be the best No-Code Toolkit for eCommerce, it is an opportunity for me to unlock my potential and drive myself to be worthy of a team working on creating products that empower and help realize dreams of not just eCommerce store managers but newbies-of-eCommerce as well...like me! 😃