What is the number one challenge of store owners these days?

That's right – Conversions, of course. 2-3% of conversions on your online store is a small number.

But what compounds the issue is the amount of effort it takes to achieve even that 2 conversion rate!

Modern Challenges for eCommerce Stores

Store owners and managers face a constant challenge of managing their promotions online. At present, much of it is a manual effort. This mean, you have to be always on, always engaged in planning, running and tracking campaigns.

As your business scales, systems and processes start becoming more complex. There are a bunch of activities that are small and repetitive but end up taking a lot of your time.

What are some of the activities that a store owner/manager needs to perform on a regular basis? Here are some:

Optimizing Store for SEO

Content plays a key role in store conversions.

Online stores and organizations that neglect content tend to miss out generating leads, and pulling the right traffic for their business.

Running Ad Campaigns

Anyone who has a store knows that running ads frequently helps in drawing traffic. However, setting up campaigns, monitoring and tracking results is a time-consuming process.

Managing Inventory

When running big sales and discounts, managing inventory is a given. You need to constantly keep your website updated with the latest information on your stock. Outdated information can leave a bad impression about your store and brand.

Lead Capturing

Targetted questionnaires and popups can help you increase your conversion rates. In fact, brands are known to better engagement on their websites when they use popups at the right time and place.

In fact, Czar Jewellery grew its business by 26.2% through personalized product recommendations.

Example of Czar Jewelry using Product Nudges
Czar Jewellery uses the right nudges and automations to entice users to purchase. 

Attract and Convert Visitors

For better conversions, it is important that your store gets regular visitors. For this purpose, store owners must constantly iterate and make tweaks on their website to ensure they attract the relevant traffic to their website.

Automating Ecommerce Store Operations

The main objective of ecommerce automation is to give you more time to focus on your key objectives and bigger goals. With the right automation at the right place, you will be able to prioritize resources (and your effort) in the right direction.

Strategies to Improve Conversion through Automation

As business owners and store managers, handling day to day operations on your store can be a time-consuming process. It requires constant effort and monitoring.

With automation, a lot of the day to day tasks can be taken care of, with ease. And you will be able to focus on more strategic activities of the business.

So how can an online store truly leverage the power of automation? Here are some examples where automation can give you a high ROI.

Automate Store Updates and Inventory Management

Running out of a product can mean frustration for customers, but also missed income for store owners. Automating your inventory management so that you know when a product is low on stock. Based on the information, your website can display an update (automatically) and customers can choose to make their buying decisions quickly.

You have to set up the items on sale, ensure they are in stock, and constantly update information on the website. ModeMagic helps you automate store updates on your website, so that you do not have to spend time and effort to do the same.

Promotions and Campaigns

As a store manager or owner, you know that Flash Sales are a sureshot way to excite your customers. But running them requires planning and effort (again!). What if you could automate flash sales? With ModeMagic you can.

You can now offer deep discounts and promotions that are available for a brief period of time. Scheduling flash sales means that you no longer have to be working on a holiday! (Now who wouldn’t want that privilege!?)

Clearance Sale Automation

End of season sales and garage sales are a favorite for store owners as well as customers. Through automation, you can track the products that did not perform well, and put them on discount – a time-tested way to ensure your stock moves out faster!

Category Sale

With the right data in place, you can track the preferences of your shoppers. To increase conversions, store owners can put the customer preferred products on sales at the right place and at the right time – thus increasing the chances of conversions.

Schedule your Campaigns at the Right Time

Store owners do not wish to be constantly engaged with their online store operations. However, it is ironic that holidays and festivals attract the most amount of traffic to your online store. As a result? Store owners are required to be present and monitoring their campaigns.

With automation, you can set up your campaigns and run them on autopilot. ModeMagic enables you to schedule, run and manage your campaigns, and also track their performance – all from a single dashboard.

Tracking Performance of Campaigns

Without the right data in place, you cannot make the changes that you need, for better conversions. ModeMagic helps you automate tracking the performance of your campaigns as well. Once all the relevant data is gathered, you can make the required changes to your campaigns and set them on autopilot again.


As a business, the more you automate, the more time you save for your strategic tasks and objectives. Through automation, online stores can improve business effectiveness (especially for sales and marketing teams) and grow their business faster.

To learn how you can run your store, promotional campaigns and analytics on autopilot, try out ModeMagic for free today