How SFE Added $17,000 Worth Of New Sales In Just 4 Weeks

About Sports & Fitness Exchange

Sports and Fitness Exchange is an American company that sells refurbished, gym-quality treadmills and exercise equipment at affordable prices.

Founded in 2010, Sports and Fitness Exchange knew that big brands like NordicTrack and ProForm needed a way to liquidate near-perfect gym equipment to make room for new stock. So, Sports and Fitness offered to warehouse, refurbish, and re-sell these pieces—offering 50 to 70 percent off retail.

Now, Sports and Fitness Exchange is loved by over 50,000+ fitness enthusiasts across the country and has become a go-to expert in the fitness industry.


The Usual Tactics Just Weren't Working Anymore

Like many online stores, Sports and Fitness Exchange had a familiar (and costly) problem: Customers were adding products to their carts and not completing checkout—even after receiving email and text message reminders.

I think it's really easy to find someone who's gonna help you drive traffic to the store or help you do better ads. But there's not a lot of options for when people are on the site.

Josh Petrawski

Sports and Fitness Exchange used anecdotal information to make changes to their browse-to-buy funnel, quickly moving from automated abandoned cart emails to sales-led, personalized abandoned cart reminders.

Though they saw a slight uptick in conversions, Sports and Fitness Exchange knew they needed something to plug this revenue leak—and fast!

Flexing ModeMagic's Conversion Muscles

We knew Sports and Fitness Exchange’s customers wanted affordable, high-quality fitness equipment to help them reach their fitness goals, so Sports and Fitness Exchange's on-site experience needed to reflect the affordability and quality aspects of their products.

As a CEO, you have to get the whole picture. The whole funnel. All the way down. And ModeMagic is the missing piece.

Josh Petrawski
CEO, Sports & Fitness Exchange

Immediately, the ModeMagic sales engine—packed with 35+ playbooks across sales and promotion, merchandising, and personalization—made all the difference.

By optimizing their store for conversions, and implementing smart nudges to encourage customers to complete checkout, Sports and Fitness exchange boosted their sales and reduced cart abandonment in just four weeks.

Recovering More Carts and Generating More Sales in No Time

Thanks to ModeMagic, Sports and Fitness Exchange was able to recover abandoned carts worth a substantial amount in revenue—more than $17,000.

Now, Sports and Fitness Exchange continues to work closely with mason and the ModeMagic team to take their business to the next level. 🚀

..the ModeMagic store conversion abandoned cart tool definitely helped grab the users at a time where they for sure will see the abandoned cart. And I think that has helped conversions immensely.

Josh Petrawski

Partnering with Sports and Fitness Exchange has been a great experience for us at mason. We understand the eCommerce ecosystem and our eCommerce Growth Experts can help businesses increase their sales and revenue by optimizing their online store conversions with ModeMagic’s ready-to-use playbooks.

If you're an eCommerce manager looking to tackle abandoned carts or boost your conversion rates, reach out to mason today.

We're here to help you meet your goals!

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