Announcement Bars

Why Consider Announcement Bars?

  • Customer Engagement

    Keeps your audience informed and engaged with timely announcements.

  • Sales Optimization

    Utilize the built-in timer to create a sense of urgency, potentially boosting sales.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Offers a streamlined way to communicate sales and promotions, enhancing the overall user experience.

What's Inside Announcement Bars?

Digital tool designed to accentuate your website's header

  • Timely Announcements

    Schedule and display timely announcements regarding upcoming sales, optimizing customer engagement.

  • Customizable Timer

    Configure a timer to accompany your announcements, creating a sense of urgency that can encourage quicker purchase decisions.

  • Intuitive Design

    The bar is designed to integrate seamlessly with your website's aesthetics, offering a cohesive and professional look.

Customize Your Announcement Bar Styles

How to set up Announcement Bars?

  • Login to your ModeMagic dashboard.

  • Navigate to the ‘Store Blocks' tab and select ‘Announcement Bars'.

  • Choose the template and Sale you wish to promote.

  • Set your Discounts and the duration for which the deal will run.

  • Define the customer cohort you wish to target. Choose from pre-sets or create custom segments.

  • Click ‘Activate,’ and your Announcement Bars will go live as per the scheduled time!

Add Announcement Bars

Integrates with all your essential apps

Google Sheets
Google Analytics

Tips for Boosting Announcement Bars on Ecommerce Stores

  • Strategic Placement

    Ensure the bar is placed at a strategic location on your site to grab maximum attention without obstructing the user experience.

  • Clear and Concise Messaging

    Craft clear and concise messages to convey the offer effectively, avoiding any potential confusion.

  • Leverage Urgency

    Utilize the timer effectively to create a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to make quicker decisions.

Boost engagement and sales with the Announcement Bar, enhancing user-friendliness and encouraging repeat visits.

Add Announcement Bars

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How Bathla Drove Triple Digit Conversion Lifts on Their Core Product Segment

Dev Bathla, CMO @Bathla

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Ready to grow?

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