Price Drops

Why Consider Price Drops?

  • Personalized Targeting

    Our AI interprets browsing behaviors, assessing the intent and potential of every shopper

  • Timely Offers

    Targets high-intent users with offers right when they are most likely to buy, to convert hesitation into sales.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    When offers feel tailored and timely, shoppers perceive them as value additions rather than sales tactics.

What’s Inside Price Drops?

Price Drops isn't just an app; it's a revenue growth strategy.

  • Intelligent Personalization

    Price Drop uses AI to analyze individual browsing and buying patterns, crafting offers that resonate personally and makes shoppers felt seen.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Creates exclusive, VIP-like offers that make shoppers feel special, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

  • Real-Time Metrics

    Allows you to monitor the impact, adjust strategies, and watch your sales grow in real-time.

Accelerate Sales with Dynamic Price Drop Automation Templates

How to setup Price Drops?

  • Login to your ModeMagic dashboard.

  • Navigate to the ‘Promotions’ tab and select ‘Price Drops.’

  • Choose the product or products you wish to promote.

  • Set your discounts and the duration for which the deal will run.

  • Define the customer cohort you wish to target. Choose from pre-sets or create custom segments.

  • Click ‘Activate,’ and your Price Drops will go live as per the scheduled time!

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Integrates with all your essential apps

Google Sheets
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Friendly Tips for Turning Browsers into Buyers

  • Leverage AI for Deeper Insights

    Move beyond surface-level metrics. Dive deep into the intricate web of shopper behaviors and preferences. Understand what drives them, what holds them back, and tailor your strategies accordingly.

  • Strike When It's Hot

    Timing is key. Offer deals just when shoppers are most likely to buy, sealing the deal.

  • Create Urgency

    Use time-bound offers to instill a sense of urgency, encouraging immediate action.

  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty

    By offering value consistently and understanding shopper needs, lay the foundation for a loyal customer base.

With timely offers and prompts, transform passive browsing into active buying.

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How Sports & Fitness Exchange Boosted Sales by $17,000+ In Just 4 Weeks

The ModeMagic store conversion abandoned cart tool definitely helped grab the users at a time where they for sure will see the abandoned cart. And I think that has helped conversions immensely.

How Sports & Fitness Exchange Boosted Sales by $17,000+ In Just 4 Weeks

Josh Petrawski, CEO @Sports & FItness Exchange

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Ready to grow?

Get Mason today, it's powerful and free.

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