Why Should I use Announcement Banners?

Store announcement banners are proven to:

Raise AOV

Create customized announcement banners for your BFCM promotion campaign on your Shopify store and encourage customers to order more.

Enhance personalization

Customize your announcement banner message based on region, promotion campaign messaging, products and time range to improve sales.

Boost sales

Capture the essence of the season's mood and integrate it into your announcement banners to increase sales fast! Connect with customers better (and directly) using announcement banner messages.

With ModeMagic, you can also select from various pre-designed announcement banners available on the app.

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How do I Setup An Announcement Banner with ModeMagic?

ModeMagic dashboard
ModeMagic Dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to Store blocks

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on the Store icon.

Manage Shopify Store better with ModeMagic 3.0

Step 2: Find Announcement Bars playbook

Scroll down to select Announcement Bars.

Store section of the ModeMagic app with Announcement Bars highlighted
Add or change announcement banners on your Shopify store with ModeMagic

Step 3️: Edit your announcement bar

Select the Announcement Banner option on the left panel.

ModeMagic Announcement Banner editor with Announcement Banner section highlighted.
ModeMagic's editor makes it fast and easy to set up announcement banners in your store

Step 4️: Select your template

When you click on All, you can select from the many battle-tested, pre-designed Announcement Banner templates that match your campaign needs.

ModeMagic's Announcement Banner editor with All templates highlighted
Choose from ModeMagic's templates to get your banner up and running in minutes

Step 5️: Edit your template

Fill in the correct details specific to your campaign by clicking on Customize this banner button on the top-right corner of the announcement banner template.

Stock announcement banner with the Customize this banner option highlighted
ModeMagic makes it easy to edit, add, or change announcement banner text

Step 6️: Customize your template

Here, you can customize the information that appears on the banner. Don't forget to insert the start and end date of the campaign!

P.S: You can also adjust the font formatting (font size, font width) by clicking on Style.

Use ModeMagic's content and style sections to edit your announcement banner

Step 7: Select where you want your announcement banner to display

On the right, in the Banner Placement In Store panel, select where you want to apply the announcement banner—on the Home Page or All Pages of your store.

ModeMagic Announcement Bar editor with the Banner placement in store section highlighted
ModeMagic makes it easy to choose where your banner shows up on your Shopify store

Step 8️: Select where the banner is positioned

Next, click on Banner Position.

Here, you can decide how to position your announcement banner —On top of the page, below the page, or at a custom position of your choice.

Tip: Check out our help center article on custom positioning
ModeMagic's Announcement Banner editor with the Banner position section highlighted
ModeMagic makes it easy to choose how your banner shows up on your Shopify store

Step 9️: Choose your timing

Lastly, click on Timing.

Here, you can decide when the announcement banner will display—do you want to show it immediately once the page loads? Or always? You can choose that here, too.

ModeMagic's Announcement Banner editor with Timing section showed
Use ModeMagic's Timing feature to determine when your announcement banner displays

Step 10: Save and preview your new announcement banner

You're almost done—save the banner or generate a preview of how the announcement banner will appear in your store.

ModeMagic's Announcement Banner editor with save and preview buttons highlighted
ModeMagic allows you to save your draft and/or preview how it will appear in your store

Step 11: Add the banner to your store!

You're all set to go live—click Add Banner, and your store will be updated in no time.

ModeMagic's Announcement Banner editor with the Add Banner button highlighted
ModeMagic's Add Banner button instantly publishes your announcement banner to your store
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