Meet The ConversionOS For Online Storefronts

ModeMagic ConversionOS is the fastest way to grow sales for Shopify stores. Say goodbye to the cluttered tech stack and start optimizing all your store profit levers from a single place.

How ModeMagic works

Create attractive sales and promos, personalize buyer’s journey, and engage browsers with optimized merchandising that converts — faster and easier than ever before.


Create a buying frenzy with attractive sales & promos

From flash sales, and new arrivals, to bestsellers to timed drops - run it all on autopilot 24/7. Highlight it with attractive on-brand badges, banners and timers and make it impossible to miss.


Make every shopper feel you know them

Leverage real-time intent and visitor segmentation to personalize your homepage, surface deep offers and products, offer self-segmentation surveys, and display custom collections + more.


Drive engagement with optimized merchandising

Increase both engagement and add-to-cart rate by showcasing products with visual blocks and banners. Launch AI-powered recommendations throughout the buying journey and sell more.


Turn product pages into conversion magnets

Remove frictions from product pages with trust packs & social proof, including UGC tailored to your inventory. Add product guides, feature cards or comparison charts to boost conversions.


Prove impact with revenue attribution

ModeMagic makes it easy to prove how conversions drive revenue growth. Show the impact of your playbooks on CTR, sales, and revenue with lifts in order value, impressions, and clicks.

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