Q. 1. Why use ModeMagic's Announcement Banners?


1. Raise AOV: Create a customized announcement banner for your BFCM promotion campaign on your Shopify store, and encourage consumers to order more.

2. Personalize better: Customize your announcement banner message based on region, promotion campaign messaging, products and time range to improve sales.

3. Boost sales: Capture the essence of the season's mood and integrate it into your announcement banners to increase sales fast! Connect with customers better (and directly) using announcement banner messages.

With ModeMagic 3.0, you can also select from various pre-designed, announcement banners available on the app.

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Q.2. How to Setup An Announcement Banner with ModeMagic 3.0?


🌠 That's your dashboard—let's begin!

ModeMagic 3.0 Dashboard 


Step 1️⃣

On your left, click on the store icon.

Manage Shopify Store better with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 2️⃣

Scroll down to select Announcement Bars.

Add or change announcement banners on your Shopify store with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 3️⃣

Select the Announcement Banner option on the left panel.

Create a Shopify Store Announcement Banner fast with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 4️⃣

When you click on All, you can select from the many battle-tested, pre-designed Announcement Banner templates that match your campaign needs.

Add an announcement banner easily on your Shopify Store with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 5️⃣

Fill in the correct details specific to your campaign by clicking on Customize this banner button on the top-right corner of the Announcement banner template.

Edit, add, or change announcement banner text easily with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 6️⃣

Here, you can customize the information that appears on the banner.

Don't forget to insert the start & end date of the campaign.
P.S: You can also adjust the style (font size, font width) in which the information appears by clicking on Style.

Create a customizable announcement banner for your Shopify Store with ModeMagic 3.0 


Step 7️⃣

On the right, at the Banner Placement In Store panel, select where you want to apply the Announcement Banner—on the Home Page or All Pages of your store.

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Step 8️⃣

Next, click on Banner Position.

Here, you can decide what the positioning of the Announcement Banner will be—On top of the page, below the page, or at a custom position of your choice.
To learn more about setting up an announcement banner at a custom position, click ➡️ here.

Convert your Shopify store into a sales magnet with ModeMagic 3.0's many features. 


Step 9️⃣

Last, click on Timing.

Here, you can decide when the Announcement Banner will show—do you want to show the announcement banner immediately once the page loads? Or always? You can choose here too.

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Step 1️⃣ 0️⃣

You're almost done—save the banner for the future or get a preview of how the Announcement Banner appears on your store.

No coder or designer needed—Scale your Shopify Store fast with ModeMagic 3.0's many features. 


Step 1️⃣ 1️⃣

You are all set to go live—click on Add Banner, and your store will be updated in no time.

Grow your Shopify Store this BFCM with ModeMagic 3.0


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