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Boost your eCommerce sales fast with ModeMagic 3.0


Q. Why use MM 3.0?

With MM, you can easily:

1. Boost your Shopify conversion rate with automated, data-backed store merchandising features.

2. Increase your average order value (AOV) with personalized recommendations, and automated sales & promotions.

3. Analyze your Shopify store metrics so you can run growth experiments.


Q. How to Run A BFCM Discount Sale with ModeMagic 3.0? (Video)


You can watch this guided (but short) 1-minute video, here ⬇️

Run a BFCM sales campaign with ModeMagic 3.0 


Step-by-Step Guide on How To Run A BFCM Discount Sale (with photographs!)


🌠 That’s your dashboard—let’s begin!

ModeMagic 3.0 Dashboard 


Step 1️⃣ : Select The Type Of Campaign

Look on your left, and select Discount Sale from Campaigns.

Run a BFCM discount sales campaign with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 2️⃣

You will be automatically directed to the Discount Sale automation or as we call it, the Discount Sale playbook.

Increase eCommerce sales with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 3️⃣

Next, click on the discount dropdown to create a discount coupon on your store products.

BFCM discount sales campaigns made easy with Mason's ModeMagic.


Step 4️⃣

Insert inventory tag to define over which category, collection, or group of products the discount sale coupon will apply.

Grow eCommerce sales fast with the store conversion app ModeMagic 3.0


Step 5️⃣

Optional step: If you have previously categorized your inventory, insert the collection tag to define over which category or group of products the discount sale coupon will apply.

Run a BFCM sales campaign like a pro with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 6️⃣

Next, click on the badge button to create the discount coupon badge on your selected store products.

A profitable BFCM discount sales campaign is possible—download ModeMagic 3.0. 


  • Select from the many discount badges and customize them based on your overall store design. You can update your badge design or choose from the recommended designs to use on discounted store items.
Create easy-to-use discount badges with ModeMagic 3.0

Step 7️⃣

Once you’re done customizing badges, click on the scheduler icon, and pick a start & end date to determine the time period for the Discount Sale campaign.

Boost eCommerce sales with ModeMagic 3.0


Step 8️⃣

Once the date is fixed, hit green—activate the Discount Sale automation across store pages, and you’re set to go live.

Scale your Shopify Store with ModeMagic 3.0



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